Denver Homeless ConnectionDenver Homeless Connection

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Women’s Shelters

Samaritan House
Address: 2301 Lawrence Street Denver, CO 80205
Contact: (303) 294-0241
Description: Provides transitional housing, clothing, clinic, and employment office.

Theodora Project House
Address: 2660 Larimer Street Denver, CO 80205
Contact: (303) 620-9190
Description: Overnight Shelter for homeless women without children.

Sacred Heart House
Address: 2844 Lawrence Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 296-6686
Description: Emergency and transitional housing for homeless mothers with children and single women.

Address: P.O. Box 1406 Denver, CO 80201
Contact: (720) 218-5466 or (303) 534-5411
Description: Provides safe, comfortable overnight shelter and services to single adult women who are homeless.

Champa House
Address:2544 Champa St., Denver, CO
Contact:(303) 294-9961
Description: A Long-term residential program for single mothers with children 12 and under.

Kearney Street Program
Address: 1240 W. Bayaud Ave Denver, CO 80223
Contact: (303) 698-2903
Description: Housing program for pregnant teens and adolescent moms.

Safehouse Denver
Address: 1649 Downing Street Denver, CO 80218
Contact: (303) 318-9989
Description: Emergency shelter for battered women and their children.

The Gathering Place
Address: 1535 High Street Denver, CO 80218
Contact: (303) 321-4198
Description: Day Center for homeless women and their children.

Men’s Shelters

Denver Rescue Mission
Address: 1130 Park Avenue West Denver CO 80205
Contact: (303) 294-0157
Description: Provides 3 meals a day, housing for men and long-term recovery programs.

Samaritan House
Address: 2301 Lawrence Street Denver, CO 80205
Contact: (303) 294-0241
Description: Provides shelter for 320 men, women and children, along with clothing, clinic, and employment office.

New Genesis
Address: 1680 Sherman Street Denver, CO 80203
Contact: (303) 831-4910
Description: Provides dorm-room housing for drug-free men who have jobs. Weekly fee for dorm-room setting is $49.

Boulder Shelter for the Homeless
Address:4869 N. Broadway, Boulder, CO
Contact:(303) 442-4646
Description: Shelter is closed between April 30 and October 1.

Family Shelters

Almost Home
Address:231 North Main Street, Brighton CO
Contact:(303) 659-6199
Description: Provides family shelter in Adams and Southern Weld County.

Family HomeStead
Address:999 Decatur, Denver, CO
Contact:(303) 623-6514
Description: Provides emergency housing for families for up to 90 days.

ACCESS Housing
Address:6978 Colorado Blvd.,Commerce City, CO
Contact:(303) 289-7078
Description: 30 day temporary housing for families with children.

Jeffco Action Center
Address:8755 West 14th Ave., Lakewood, CO
Contact:(303) 237-7704
Description: Provides shelter for families, singles and couples.

Family Tree - House of Hope
Address:3301 S. Grant St., Englewood, CO
Contact:(303) 762-9525
Description: Provides 90 day shelter for homeless mothers and their children.

Warren Village
Address:1323 Gilpin St., Denver, CO
Contact:(303) 320-5036
Description: Provides Transitional housing for single-parent families.

Comitis Crisis Center
Address:2178 Victor Street Aurora, CO
Contact:(303) 343-9890
Description: Shelter for families with children.

Youth Shelters

Urban Peak
Address: 1630 South Acoma Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 777-9198
Description: Help forhomeless and runaway youth ages 14-24.

Savio House
Address: 325 King Street Denver, CO 80219
Contact: (303) 922-5516
Description: Temporary housing for males 10-18 years old.

VOA Transitional Housing for Youth
Address:455 Bannock St., Denver, CO
Contact:(720) 217-3884
Description: Provides housing programs for youth.

Day Shelters

Saint Francis Center
Address: 2323 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80205
Contact: (303) 297-1577
Description: Day Shelter that provides mail, phone messages and showers.

Father Woody’s Haven of Hope
Address: 1101 West 7th Ave Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 607-0855
Description: Provides showers, clothing, haircuts, laundry and assistance with IDs.

Senior Support Services
Address: 846 East 18th Ave Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 832-1622
Description: Day shelter for homeless seniors.