Denver Homeless ConnectionDenver Homeless Connection

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Travelers Aid

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Address: 2111 Champa Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 293-2217
Description: Provides lottery for 16 bus tokens at 8:30 am on the first and second week of each month. Open 7:30 am through 5 pm Monday through Friday.

Holy Ghost Church
Address: 1900 California Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 297-3441
Description: Provides assistance with birth certificates, ID cards and other needs.

Greyhound Bus Station
Address: 19th and Curtis Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 293-6555 or 1-800-231-2222
Description: Provides information and national transportation.

Address: 1600 Market Street Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 299-6000 or 1-800-366-7433
Description: Provides information and local transportation.

Department of Motor Vehicle
Address: 1865 West Mississippi Ave Unit C Denver, CO
Contact: (303) 937-9507
Description: Provides Colorado state ID for $10.50. Open 8 am through 5 pm Monday through Friday.